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The History

It all began with my Grandmother Mae Page, who learned the art of chainstitch embroidery back in the 1960’s and started up Sally’s Lettering Shop located out of Everett, WA. There she enjoyed working for bowling leagues, motorcycle clubs, and various other events within the area from the 60’s through the 80’s. 

As a child I was always drawn to her shop of magical designs and colors. So upon graduation from Highschool in 1974 I went to live with my grandmother to learn how to operate the machine that started it all. That same year my cousin Susie joined us and we spent the next 3 months perfecting our craft. Two year’s later my sister Wendy also learned the machine. My Grandmother laid the foundation for the three of us to become entrepreneur’s and to this day we all enjoy providing beautiful chainstitch embroidery for our customers. I have had the pleasure of creating unique and beautiful embroidery for car and motorcycle clubs, flags for rodeo’s, countless pageants, special events, two movies, and specialty sashes for Bridgett Marguardt and the late Farrah Fawcet. 

I am proud to say that the base of my business throughout all these years has been return customers. Largely due to my Grandmother teaching me the importance of providing a quality product, enjoying my work, and setting a great example of friendly customer service. Thank you Gramma; I am thankful for you everyday. 

Meet The Women Behind It All


Sally’s Lettering Shop


Royalty Sash Co.


Rainbows End Sashes


Susie’s Lettering


Chainstitch embroidery machines were developed in the 1800’s. The one I choose to work on was built between 1860-1890.
The video below is of Lindsay at her machine.